Club Terms and Conditions

1. Each member is responsible for the Mini Club Limburg Belgium brand and name and acts according to the clubs regulations.

2. The membership fee is € 20 for the first year and € 12,50 per Mini for executive years. The payment needs to happen at the start of the calendar year en covers a full calendar year. In case you would like to become member after September 1st the membership fee will be € 6 and runs till December.

3. Each member will support the club when and where possible.

4. Each member has a saying in the club and input is always welcome. We have a board for guidance and for the decision process.

5. Excessive drinking, the use of drugs and possession and usage of weapons are not tolerated definitely when acting for the club or participating in events. After multiple warnings the board can decide to cancel the membership.

6. We respect other club members and other clubs and show decent behavior. Also other Classic Mini and New Mini drivers are treated with respect !


7. The board has the right to temporary expel or cancel the membership in case a member does not adhere to the clubs terms and conditions. Members will receive warnings upfront.

8. Complaints about members will be reviewed in case they have been provided on paper and contain name details of the person submitting the complaint.

9. When a member decides to leave the club or is permanently expelled the club stickers need to removed from the vehicles.

10. De club is in no condition responsible for any damage, accidents, vandalism or any other kind of injustice of members or non-members.

11. Club stickers, logo`s and any other items can be requested from the club . It is not allowed to create own versions without approval from the board.

12. Club clothing and stickers are only to be used by club members. You are not allowed to resell them to others.

13. The board has the right to change the terms and conditions when required. Members will be informed on changes and will receive a copy of the new terms and conditions.

Code of conduct

1. Tranfers to and from meetings needs to happen in an orderly fashion applying the countries traffic regulations. At the event venues members will stick to the events terms and conditions that apply.

2. Traffic regulations are obeyed, cases of not respecting the regulations will lead to a warning and in excessive cases expelling the member.

3. The vehicle needs to be in a good technical condition and all required papers need to be available including ownership papers and insurance. A driver needs to possess a valid drivers license. 

4. When participating in events the member needs to make sure the Mini has sufficient fuel in order not to lose time with stops for fueling the Mini during the event.

5. In case of traveling to or from events in a group you need to keep an eye on the Mini following you to make sure the group does not split or members are left on their own. In case a situation will occur please inform the group in front of you using light signals or communication applications like phone or walk talky.

6. In case of issues (accident, break down, toilet etc) use a safe spot to park and inform other members and the board member participating. We will in that case work together towards a solution.

7. Have respect for the environment and trow garbage like paper, plastic etc in a bin and not on the public road.

These Terms and Conditions are created and maintained by vzw Mini Club Limburg Belgium. Approved by board and members at the annual general Meeting January 25th 2015.

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